Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013

WOW! It really has been a long time since I have blogged.  Life has just been busy, busy and busy.  I do keep a calendar and try to make daily notes but just haven't had the time or even the desire to blog.  But it is now November and with that comes my very favorite time of the year.  Thanksgiving.

The last 5 +/- years, I have done a grateful journal.  Ok I have made the journal with the idea of daily pictures showing what I am grateful for along with a blog post.  I think I skipped last year all together.  I wasn't feeling very grateful.  LOL  I have some great journals.  Too bad I never entered any pictures or words but hey I suppose I could just change the year on use it now.  At any rate my plan this year is to blog what I am grateful for.

On the first and seeing how it is payday, today I am grateful for a job with a great company and great people.  Yes, we all have our days but all in all they are a great group of guys to work with.  I am grateful for an employer who believes in keeping his employees happy, dealing with them in a fair manner and considerate of them.  A man who has always thought health insurance was important for him to provide as an employer, along with 401 benefits and vacation and sick time.  Now if I could just convince him in half day Fridays, he would be perfect.  In the meantime I am very grateful I am not at the mercy of Obamacare or my government in taking care of me.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello April

WOW it really is April.  I am not sure what happened to March but I certainly haven't blogged about it.  I am behind on Project Life.  I have my pictures and I have journal but haven't gotten around to putting it together.  Hoping to make time for that in April.  March was just busy.  My birthday, a weekend trip to New Orleans with my peeps, Easter, a Quinceara to name a few.  Hey at least I do have pictures and thank goodness I have been keeping up with my calendar.  I try to add something about the day each day or at least weekly to remind me of what I want to remember. 

I have found that renewing old friendships is a nice thing.  I learned a long time ago not to sit in judgement of others.  I learned that drama isn't good for me.  I learned that when one door closes, another opens.  I learned that my attitude makes all the difference in the way my life goes.  I learned that I don't much care what others think.  I learned I need to be true to me and do what is right in my mind.  I learned laughter is so much better than tears but I also learned it is ok for the tears to fall.  I am still learning to take better care of myself and just what that entails.  I have learned to enjoy today.

All in all life is good.  Could be better but than it could be worse.  I am looking forward to a small trip to New York with Sissy and Baby A and Baby B.  So my goal this month.....get caught up with Project Life and get some more pages done for Mia's book.  I have a bunch of pictures I need to get scrapped for her.  Before I know it, December will be here and with that her birthday.  She is growing up so very fast.  We spent part of Saturday together for a "date".  I love that she really loves coming to my house and playing.  Doesn't require spending money or going anywhere.  Just her and I and we play, watch TV (she always brings a movie to share) we eat and she loves to help fix or cook.  She was real easy this time....a peanut butter sandwhich (no jelly), chips and a drink.  Then we played some more and laughed a lot.  Then it was time to go and I love she is always a bit sad when our day is done.  Making memories and I love that:)

Have a great day, week, month.....who knows when I will get back here but I will so stay tuned.....

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello March

I really thought I had already posted weeks 5 and 6.  Opps apparently not.  haha OK we will just skip on over to week 7, which included Valentine's Day.  Being single, the holiday itself doesn't do a lot for me.  This year I didreceive a very nice card and candy pop from my boss so I decided to include the card in my spread.  It is always a nice reminder that one is important to other people and they just like you.  I also received a dozen yummy chocolate covered strawberries from Little Miss Mia.  I included the card and a picture in my layout.

 Here we have week 8.  It is just one sided for this week.  Honestly, it was a lousy week and rather than try to forget it or sugar coated, I just put in what there was.  I actually found that I choose more positive, which I think is a real good sign for me.  I journaled about the not so great and the pictures are what reminds me to keep on trucking.  The bloom is my crazy purple magnolia tree.  It starts off with the most beautiful purple flowers and no leaves whatsoever!  Then once they have bloomed, and they only bloom once, the branches fill with green leaves....hence my crazy backwards purple magnolia is what I have named it.   The bloom reminds me that good weather is coming and the dreay rainy stuff is leaving.   I did scrap over the weekend and a picture of the mess proves to me creating is messy and also that is feeds my sould and always makes me feel better.  That funny looking pink actually an envelope that a birthday coupon came in from Dress Barn.  It is really pretty in the inside and I decided to save it, cut it and use it in my birthday spread, week 9.  Still working on that.
 Saturday, birthday......I met these guys for lunch and it was wonderful.  Being with Mia is always fun and she was funny, loving and we had a great time.  I wanted to do a take off of a conversation with her like Ali Edwards does with her kids.  Too bad I left my list at home but got some answers.  Now let's see if I can remember any of it.  LOL
 I do believe it is time to get my behind back to good old healthy eating and exercise.  Worked in the yard some over the weekend and planning on spending some time after work each day this week in the yard.  There are things like bricks that need to be moved, spray painting the patio chairs, weeds to pull so I can get ready for some spring planting.  Which reminds me, I do need to plant some seeds.
having lunch with the kids was a great way to spend my birthday.  Then I went home, worked some in the yard, cooked a little and watched Downton Abby and I am hooked!.  Loved it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Life

Finally managed to get the pictures taken, loaded and here we are.  I am actually on schedule with doing my weeks, just didn't get around to posting here.  Here we have week 2, 3 and 4.  I am currently finishing up Week 5.  I think I am may end up with one page for week but we will just see how it goes.

Week 3 was actually a pretty busy week. With Sarah, Trey and Madelyn here for Jacob's Surprise going away party.  I worked hard to keep it at just the two pages.  I don't want to go overboard.
Week 4  shows some day to day things that just are.  Lunch with my buddy, my twin, Aaron is a weekly thing but this week I remembered to take his picture.
The week ended with Brunch with my BFFs.  What a great time.  We sure manage to find something to laugh about and there for each other.  Great times!  I am working on week 5 and hope to post it when I am done.  I am still in shock that January is gone and we are now into February.